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Patterns is a live wallpaper app that brings colorful three dimensional abstract geometric patterns to your homescreen. The live backgrounds are fully interactive and react to touch gestures as well as to your device's gyroscope (parallax effect).Tip: Double tap on the homescreen to open the settings of this live wallpaper. Tap on the homescreen with three fingers to randomize the color scheme of the current design.
-----------------------------Features-----------------------------+ Over 20 unique hand-crafted fully three dimensional (3D) live wallpaper themes for your homescreen+ Each theme with many different designs and color schemes+ Full color control: Manually change the colors of the live wallpaper themes to fit the Material Design.+ Very battery friendly: The lwp is only active if you are viewing your homescreen. It does not drain your battery while other apps are in the fron or the screen is turned off.+ Color Randomizer: Apply a color new random color scheme.+ Change the animation type of all designs: You can choose how your theme reacts to your touch input+ Create and save your custom designs: All changes you make to the standard themes are automatically saved to a custom design that you can reuse later+ Gyroscopic Parallax Effect: Move your device and watch the geometry change its perspective. Based on your device's gyroscope (orientation sensors) the themes change their camera perspective.+ Many different themes in the style of optical art (op-art), inspired by artists like M.C. Escher or Victor Vasarely. + Abstract art and minimalistic design: Cube walls, pyramids, hollow cubes, necker cubes, hexagons, monument, stairs, optical illusions, surface pattern design and many more...
-----------------------------Known Issues-----------------------------Please set "Patterns" as your live wallpaper before trying to enter the live wallpaper settings. Trying to access the live wallpaper settings before applying the LWP will not work.To enter the settings after applying the wallpaper just DOUBLE TAP on the screen or click the app icon!